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Riding in Cars with Boys (Special Edition)


It is hard to imagine what ''Riding in Cars With Boys'' would have been without Mr. Zahn's brilliantly nuanced and sympathetic portrayal of Ray, who goes through more changes than Beverly. From a spaced-out teenager who worships Beverly, he grows up into a well-meaning but damaged adult who isn't there for her at crucial turning points.

In ''Riding in Cars With Boys,'' Drew Barrymore is required to age two decades, from a dizzy 15-year-old high school student in Wallingford, Conn., into a hardened New York journalist and author who is the bossy mother of a college-age son. The role of Beverly Donofrio in the film, adapted from Ms. Donofrio's memoir, is easily the most challenging of Ms. Barrymore's career, and in carrying it off she masters a tricky emotional balancing act.


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