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There is an increasing trend of renting college textbooks online rather than buying. A lot of companies, big and small are beginning to offer textbook rental services online. But how will you know if renting your college textbooks online is the right thing for you to do?

Buy or rent college textbooks with Uloop, and you will have the option of physical or digital textbooks for your college classes. There are chemistry textbook rentals, biology textbooks to buy, and а lot of other college textbooks for rent or to buy. The prices of college textbook rentals are typically much less expensive than you will find at the college bookstore because they are yours to keep for the duration of your class, then you return them at the end of the course. Uloop is a place you can rent or buy physical or online textbooks for all of your college classes.


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When I went to college for nursing the amount of money I spent on textbooks was INSANE! What happened to those books after I graduated? They sat in my basement for years and years until I finally put them in the garage sale and eventually donated them to goodwill. Needless to say I never used them after college and I never got my money back out of them either. What a waste! If I had the option back then to rent college textbooks you better believe I would have taken it!