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  • Quick book modeling agency is NOT a scam
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A few days ago, I applied to QuickBook Agency. They said they only accept 2% of their applicants, and today I got a letter in the mail today telling me I was accepted. They aren't asking me for money. They said they pay for everything, but I've been looking around and people seem to think...

Just a question, and I need some feedback! I am very new to modeling, and I thought, on a whim, I would send an online application to this modeling/acting agency, known as Quickbook Agency Listings.(a worldwide Company) I read everything thoroughly before sending my pictures via email( I did have the option to snailmail them, just thought email would be the quickest way, since I'm a procrastinator!) A few days later, I received an email from the QuickBook Listings, saying that they have reviewed my application and they were putting me through to their second stage of approval where they take their four top agencies and let them review my photographs, if all four approve, then I would be accepted into their program. They gave me statistical ratings, saying that 80% of the applicants never make it through the first stage of approval. Anyways, being me I was thrilled but I didn't get my hopes up. ( I mean it was my first-ever set of professional photographs that i sent!) They told me in the email that if I were accepted into their program that I would be sent confirmation via snailmail.


They have been around for 37 years.