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Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding


The Pumping Iron Book is the Bible of bodybuilding. It is centered around a not-then-well-known Arnold Schwarzeneggar in his quest for the ultimate bodybuilding title, the Mr. Olympia. Take a trip back to 1973 and see the true champions and pioneers of bodybuilding; Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Serge Nubret, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Ken Waller, Steve Michalik, Mike Katz etc. Contains amazing black-and-white photos of all the greats at their best.

The success of Articulate Muscle - despite some mixed reviews from outlets like Sports Illustrated, which as "unforgivably dull" - was a sign of the increasing interest in the previously obscure world of bodybuilding. Back when Butler and Gaines first collaborated on the Pumping Iron book, they struggled to find a publisher who'd even agree to print it.


Get this from a library! Pumping iron. [George Butler; Robert Fiore]