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Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition


Please visit to learn more. The Psychic Twins Terry and Linda Jamison appeared July 8, 2011 to promote their new book 'Psychic Intelligence' and share some Psychic Predictions for 2011.

Intuitive Answers is Birkans new weekly radio show dedicated to providing you with the answers you seek and help you tap into your own intuition. Each week Birkan will focus on a different subject in order to offer you an intuitive and spiritual point of view and solutions. This week world-renowned intuitives and best-selling authors of Psychic Intelligence, Terry and Linda Jamison will be joining Birkan as his guest. Terry and Linda Jamison, known internationally as The Psychic Twins are the worlds most documented psychics, with an unrivaled track record of accurate predictions. Terry and Linda have hundreds of appearances to their credit on international TV and radio, including The View, The Ricki Lake Show, The Today Show and ABC Nigtline. Join them as a listener or call-in and get a chance to ask your questions.


Robin Alexis Psychic Intelligence

Multi-dimensional Mind: Exoconsciousness asserts a 9th Psychic Intelligence. According to of Harvard, humans have multiple intelligences: interpersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, naturalist, spatial, biokinesthetic, musical, and intrapersonal. Exoconscious research posits that we humans have an innate, yet under-developed and culturally denied 9th Psychic Intelligence. This psychic intelligence includes ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, energy healing abilities and much more. This 9th Intelligence is based on our natural human ability to move within a cosmic multi-dimensional consciousness. While this multi-dimensional ability has been scrutinized (to put it mildly) by science, religion, history and psychology, it is the primary intelligence that will take us into space and heal/advance our human species and our Earth.