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  • "In Perelandra--Venus, you know," answered Ransom.
  • "I am Perelandra," said the other voice.
  • "I am content," said Perelandra.

Perelandra (Space Trilogy, Book 2)


Why the Owner Chose Bethany, Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI:
Who wouldn't want to own a piece of Paradise? We looked at lots of houses on the island and Perelandra was the perfect villa for us.

Perelandra is one of my favorite C.S. Lewis books. Even though it is the second book in a trilogy, I think it stands on it's own merits as a great work. I read it before reading the other two books in the trilogy. Perelandra will cause you to pause and think about your own existence as Lewis examines the struggle between good and evil at the dawn of creation. This is a must read.


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Since I have become familar with the Divine Liturgy, I have tended to think of Lewis’s worlds, especially Narnia and Perelandra, as liturgical space. Lewis himself, despite his “Romish” tendencies (indirect affirmation of the Real Presence, auricular confession, purgatory), did not seem to have appreciated the accoutrements of high church liturgy, incense and vestments and bells and so forth, not because he had some general disdain for such things (quite the opposite), but because in his C of E context they would have necessarily been interpreted as party badges. So he drifted along in the limbo of sacramental sensibility coupled with dogmatic insistence that there were no dogmas pertaining to the sacraments.