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Really Simple Password Organiser: or How to never forget a password again!


The most attractive aspect of Password Organizer is its low price. Aside from that, you can find password management software that is far superior in every way.

This software is at least easy to install. Simply go to the manufacturer’s website and find the link to download the trial version. This application is part of a more inclusive software bundle called Total Security Suite that also has antivirus, firewall and privacy software, but you can download any of these products independently of the security suite, including Password Organizer.


Password Organizer - Android Apps on Google Play

The regular size font interior has plenty of space for 608 entries, the Password Organizer is alphabetized, with 4 entries per page. In addition, there is extra space at the end for internet and modem settings, wireless settings, and more, as well as 4 blank lined pages for your needs. There are also password tips included for your review.