• La chanson et une petite interview à voir en vidéo tournée et enregistrée dans l’exposition Paris en Chansons :

Paris En Chansons

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I think it’s down to a few things Janine. The music that Paris Chanson plays represents the France people love around the world. It’s a golden age in a way. For instance, 50 years after her death, Edith Piaf is still considered as the number 1 French singer of all time. Charles Trenet and Maurice Chevalier are also very well known. They all came from a time when French chanson was ruling the world in terms of popular music and success.

Paris Chanson is growing, in terms of audience (we now have 20,000 connections to our player per week and up to 4,000 per day on weekends) but also in terms of status. Paris Chanson will become a company in the near future and has started to build strong partnerships already, including one with The Good Life France. The aim is to become THE reference in terms of French chanson for an international audience.


Paris Chansons presents 'Autour Du Monde' (Around the world)

The French composer Mickey Nicolas (Laon, 1938) was conductor at the famous Paris cabaret 'Le Lido' for many years. He already expressed his great love for the Eiffel Tower City by composing 'Listening to Paris'. With 'Paris Chansons' (Paris Songs) he wrote a splendid medley with fine arrangements of famous French songs that glorified the French capital and spread its reputation all over the world. This nice anthology of immortal French songs contains the following songs: 'Sous les Ponts de Paris', 'Sous les Toits de Paris', 'La Seine', 'Sur les Quais du Vieux Paris', 'Mademoiselle de Paris', 'Pigalle', 'Moulin Rouge', 'Paris', 'La Romance de Paris', 'Paris je t'aime d'Amour' and 'Paris Reine du Monde'. This composition will bring some Parisian atmosphere in the concert hall.