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Operation Nightfall

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During the events depicted in Day 1, Jack, who had since left the military and joined the Los Angeles branch of the Counter Terrorist Unit, discovered that Victor Drazen was alive. When he was captured by Drazen, Jack learned that the building had been occupied by a body double, and that Drazen's real wife and daughter had been inside the building. Bauer then realized that all the attacks of that day amounted to a personal vendetta designed by Victor's sons Andre and Alexis, against Jack Bauer, David Palmer, and even Robert Ellis for the events of Operation Nightfall. The revenge was intended to be "an eye for an eye." This kind of retaliation is also known as "Blowback."

Operation Nightfall was a secret mission authorized by Senator to assassinate war criminal . A team, led by , was organized by for the mission. Bauer was ordered to assemble a six-man operation detachment team that would infiltrate by air, eliminate the threat posed by Victor Drazen, and move to a distant extraction point where they would be extracted by a Pave Hawk helicopter.


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