• Antique Pradel French Folding Knives
  • Antique Veritable French Folding Knives
  • Rare two blade ROSTFRA Inlaid gold pocket knife. Both sides are inlaid with gold. $695
  • Old Timer Knives: Landshark Old Timer Knife, SC-19OT

All the Old Knives: A Novel


Please note: Old Hickory knives are inexpensive, they can be sharpened razor sharp but do not normally come very sharp from the factory, do not expect $100.00 knife quality in fit, finish, and edge from a $10.00 knife. Also carbon steel will rust. We guarantee that they will rust or tarnish - if rust is problematic for you, then please do not order carbon steel knives.

For almost 100 years, since 1904, the Schrade and Old Timer name products have been manufactured with superior materials and expert craftsmanship. Made Schrade Tough, Schrade's Uncle Henry and Old Timer knife products have been carried by generations of Americans, and prized for their reliability, durability and value.



Just about all folding knives are constructed from the same basic parts. There is the blade, of course, which is referred to as the master blade if the folding knife has more than one. And the knife’s decorative handle, or scale, is often bookended by bolsters made of a material strong enough to help support the pin that acts as a pivot point for the blade.