• Night Traveler Cast Revealed!
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  • ​​The Night Travelers will be giving a special debut public performance including our new Night Traveler, fiddler Micahlan Boney.
  • Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder is currently being transformed into a fully animated feature presentation.

If on a Winter's Night a Traveler


Below is a basic checklist that O&M Instructors use to determine how night travel issues will be addressed -- bold represents that these students will receive a minimum of "simulated" exposure to night travel:

This questionnaire will help us to more efficiently and effectively meet students' night travel needs. Please provide as much information as possible and include it in the "referral for O&M evaluation" packet and/or "prior" to discussing (telephone, person to person) the student's needs with the O&M Instructor.


White Night Travel Services, Makati, Philippines

We are happy to announce that Night Traveler: Prophecy of the Elder will be distributed worldwide by Cinema Epoch, a U.S. based distribution company. The company's annual slate includes 12 films for theatrical distribution and 50 films for ancillary markets (DVD, television, VOD).