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Now, a great many Americans of my acquaintance, of all kinds of political persuasions — I dare say,even some readers of NewEnglish Review — are swelling with pride by now. See how good we are! they are murmuring tothemselves. See the goodnessof America! The other nations of the world slam their doors against these poor wretches, but we, we!, we greet themwith open arms! 54,000 distressedsouls welcomed to our shores in one year! What a good, generous nation we are!

Clarfield believes that there are still gems of good research to be found in the social sciences. Like his role model, the 16th century essayist Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, he attempts to bring them to public notice as the "loose sallies of the mind" of an anthropologist at large. His New English Review articles are archived .


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