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The Story of My Childhood


3. My baby book. My parents already had my 11-month old brother by the time I came along. So Mom didn’t have a lot of time to write much down. But there are a few gems in my baby book: my mom’s memories and memorabilia from when I was born. These filled in more gaps in my childhood story.

My childhood story continues:
I now know that it is so important to teach the skills of practical life to a child while he is in the sensitive period of learning and while he has the intrinsic desire to be involved in our daily activities. Whilst such activities are joys of learning to a toddler and pre-schooler , it will remain a joy once he has caught on the skills and it will continue to be so; - at least it will become a routine and not a chore. Why not help a child to have a pleasant childhood story.


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