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The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day


Books are very easy to pack as they fit very nicely and neatly in the box due to their rectangular size. So what's difficult about putting books, magazines, and documents into a box? The most common mistake when packing books is the usage of large inappropriate boxes. Books are very heavy, much heavier than other small household goods. That's why for moving books you should use specially designed and very strong book boxes. Large boxes loaded with papers in different shapes and forms can weigh even 50 or 60 kg. You can very easily hurt your back trying to lift such a heavy box. Your moving company will have a lot of problems to move it too and in addition to this the large box full of books may simply not survive to the end of your . In most cases they simply fall apart and all books get damaged. So the firs and the most important rule when shipping books is to use proper book boxes.

Who's moving those books?The spirits from within the walls of your house have decided to come and read, but cannot make up their minds about which book to read.


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