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Moscow On The Hudson

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Store-Bought Asylum MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON, directed and produced by Paul Mazursky; written by Mr. Mazursky and Leon Capetanos; director of photography, Donald McAlpine; edited by Richard Halsey; music by David McHugh; released by Columbia Pictures. At Loews Astor Plaza, Broadway and 44th Street; New York Twin, Second Avenue and 66th Street; 34th Street Showplace, between Second and Third Avenues; 83d Street Quad, at Broadway; Greenwich Playhouse Twin, Seventh Avenue and 12th Street, and other theaters. Running time: 115 minutes. This film is rated R. Vladimir IvanoffRobin Williams Lucia LombardoMaria Conchita Alonso Lionel WitherspoonCleavant Derricks Orlando RamirezAlejandro Rey BorisSavely Kramarov AnatolyElya Baskin YuriOleg Rudnik Vladimir's GrandfatherAlexander Beniaminov Vladimir's MotherLudmila Kramarevsky Vladimir's FatherIvo Vrzal SashaNatalie Iwanow Lionel's GrandfatherTiger Haynes Lionel's MotherEdye Byrde Lionel's StepfatherRobert Macbeth

Toward the end of the film, when ''Moscow on the Hudson'' is running low on plot, Vladimir's eyes are opened when he is mugged in his own hallway. At this point, the film makers try to make some kind of solemn point, which, as I understand it, is that the democratic freedoms include not only those of speech, religion and assembly, but also of physical assault by strangers.


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BOTH Vladimir Ivanoff, a young Soviet circus musician, who defects to the United States at the end of an American tour, and Robin Williams, the actor who plays Vladimir with fine comic intensity, are most engaging characters - spirited, skeptical, but still capable of wonderment. Yet Paul Mazursky's ''Moscow on the Hudson'' doesn't seem to know what to do with them. They are men without a movie.