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  • Thank you! And you’re welcome! The monkey dance is indeed classic!
  • A short explanation of the monkey dance is it's the primate conflict behavior patterns that we -- as humans   follow.
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Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids, And A Journey To The Ends Of The Earth


We cannot say enough about Rory's book anyway, but that is nothing in comparison to how important the monkey dance concept is. It is an idea that cannot only save your life, but it will reduce conflicts and strife your life.

And if a situation does go violent, it can do wonders for keeping you out of prison. You want to stay of the monkey dance. That page quote tells you why.


Funny Monkey Dance - Video Dailymotion

Thank you so much for this post! It helped me so much today as I conversed (?) with my narc. I kept telling myself that he was just doing the monkey dance and I remained calm, did not justify myself and just said I was making my decision and that was that. He hurled all sorts of abuse and I didn’t take the bait. It ended rather quickly–like saying “no and that’s final” to a three year old. I am going to buy some little monkeys and place them around the house and in the car so I don’t ever forget.