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AmTab Mobile Bench Table, Black Dyna-Rock Edge/Cherry Laminate Top/Black Legs, 8'

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Kacey misses her PERFect lunch table — the one she sits at with the other members is a hot zone for bird poop. So it’s her mission to steal the table from , , and the other Perfs.

The 19F Bench Table offers field-adjustable table heights, an industry exclusive, to accommodate your everyday lunchroom table needs for early childhood education, elementary schools, middle schools or high schools. This cafeteria bench table is also an industry leader in compact storage. The extended tabletops offer extra room per student and end-to-end positioning with no gaps between tabletops.


The Lunch Table Food for Thought on All Hip-Hop

You will find that our outdoor lunch tables will last a lifetime and your workplace and employees will appreciate the opportunity to take their break outside.