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Lotte Berk Method For Beginners - Muscle Eats Fat


For many years, the only way you could experience the Lotte Berk Method was through two studios in New York or through an out-of-date book. Now, a series of Lotte Berk Method workouts have been released on video and DVD, and this one is the toughest of the batch. After a warm up, you start off with upper bodywork - this is where the dumbbells come in. Make sure you use a lighter weight than you would normally for bicep and tricep curls (3 pounds instead of 5, or 5 pounds instead of 8 or 10. Or you can start off with no weights at all) - the Lotte Berk Method of weight training is more challenging than your usual rep-and-repeat exercise. Once you've fatigued your arms, then you get on the mat for plank pose, Lotte Berk style. Next, your legs get a workout with the help of a chair or other sturdy piece of furniture. The moves are small and very intense. There's more thigh and glute work on the floor (it's called "knee dancing"). Finally you get to stretch it all out. Form is key on all these moves - doing them precisely makes them both extremely safe and effective. This half-hour workout will be enough for most people, but if you want more, there's a ten-minute bonus workout that's really intense - "This is how I work out," the instructor says. Since she admits to being nearly 50, and has an incredible, slender body and no bone loss whatsoever you may want to work up to what she does... but don't expect to do it on the first try! Done properly and regularly (alternating with other exercise videos and some cardio), this workout will get you results.

My posture has improved tremendously. I was skeptical at first when I started for the fact I am use to doing the "traditional" form of exercising, I feel know after doing the Lotte Berk workout you can change your body without having to do a vigorous workout.


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