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Lost in a Good Book (A Thursday Next Novel)


Lost in a Good Book is the sequel to Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair, which I finished a few weeks ago. It follows the daring and quick-witted special operations Litera-Tec Thursday Next as she continues to fight the controlling Goliath Corporation and Acheron Hades' younger sister Aornis. She has to deal with a whole number of issues, some near-deadly coincidences, the criminal eradication of her husband Landen as blackmail, and the impending armageddon. At the same time she realizes that she is destined to be a member of the Jurisfiction, the police force inside books. She has the almost-magical skill of jumping from one book to another just by reading herself there. In training for the job, Thursday visits Robinson Crusoe, Great Expectations, Sense and Sensibility, and the great library where all of the books ever written, published or unpublished, are kept. On top of it all, Thursday has to chase some book characters who have left their books to cause trouble in the real world, and retrieve a copy of an unpublished Dicken's play that had been stolen from the great library. Thursday has to endure a trial inside Kafka's The Trial for crimes she didn't commit. She tries to go back in time to save her husband from carefully planned murder. Working with Ms. Havisham, the Red Queen, the Cheshire cate, and Lady Emma Hamilton, she travels from book to book, to the past and future, and to alternate universes, all while trying to avoid an apocalypse caused by the Strawberry Flavored Dream Topping whipped cream.
Something that stuck with me from this book is that it is always possible to get lost in a good book, literally or metaphorically.
I loved reading this book. It was almost better than the first book in the series, which has to be one of my favorite books ever. I would recommend this to anybody who likes reading books about books. It's like inception with bookish humor and characters and lots of information to keep straight that sometimes gets very confusing but all in all this was a marvelously fun book to read and I had a really good time reading it. This book should be good for anybody over 13 because of some language and some inappropriate humor. What makes me really happy is that this book in in a series and there are many more books to go!!!

y apologies to Jasper Forde for using the title of his wonderful novel Lost in A Good Book. But it so aptly sums up what I want to convey here.


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