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  • In summary, The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is a myth on its own, and will perhaps be a major influence upon other films in the future.

Lord of the Rings, The: The Motion Picture Trilogy


One of the things I liked about Lord of the Rings Trilogy was the length of the levels. They are not so long as to make you start wondering if you'll complete the current scene before your bus stop, but not so short that you feel your money was ill-spent. There is a sweet spot to the size of mobile games, and JAMDAT has hit upon it with Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Finally, I admire the reverence for the source material. JAMDAT has not crafted a cash-run here, a quickie to capitalize on a DVD release or some such marketing hook. This is a game for the fans, by fans. Lord of the Rings Trilogy is complete with smart text that describes the scenes, an adherence to proper character and monster design (the invincible ringwraiths look great), and a good action engine that ties it all together. Mobile gamers will undoubtedly be glued until the game is complete.


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Ballantine’s cover designs present s mystical, magical and brilliant visual display for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy books. There’s a wide spectrum of cool colors which bring about the feeling of mystery.