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Meeting Elizabeth Craven, I was a little intimidated.

A cha

  • Meeting Elizabeth Craven, I was a little intimidated.
  • A chance to train with Liz Craven? I wasn’t going to turn that down.
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Immersed (Prophesied)


Megan and her and training partner, the incredible Liz Craven when they were squating earlier in the week... An interview and photos are up soon on TBC.

Liz and Craven were together for some 9 years, and married in 1962. Whilst filming Eves on Skis, Craven was running other businesses and had a secretary nearly 30 years younger than him, whom he went on to marry. She became his 3rd wife, and (as he was with Liz), they became very famous and well known couple in the Naturist World. So, Liz and Craven went their separate ways and divorced in 1964. I didn’t know of Liz when I first met Craven and joined BDOC in 1977 nor did any of my friends who were members; but, when he came to me for help in 1991/2, she was one of the first people we went to meet at her home with James. I found Liz to be charming, friendly, and her love of animals and nature, and dedication to her Naturist/vegetarian, simple, peaceful way of life, quite refreshing in this day and age of fast living/IT/ internet and so on… She never had a bad word to say about Craven and suggested all sorts of alternative and different sorts of treatments he might like to try to help him with his cancer. We often used to meet up with James and Liz and other friends and it was great to hear them all chatting about ‘the good old days’….


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Crooked Letter I: Coming Out in the South
B. Andrew Plant, Liz Craven, Christina Holzhauser, Ed Madden, Vickie Spray

Sunday, October 11, 2:30-3:30 pm
Conf. Room 1A-B, Nashville Public Library