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Elementary Childrens Literature: Infancy through Age 13 (4th ed)


See tutorial page for specific set of questions for each tutorial session

Week3: Week beginning August 13
Topic: Cultural History of Travel
"Travel", in Michael Kowalewski (ed), Temperamental Journeys (Athens. London: Univ of Georgia Press: 1992 )

Week 4: Week beginning August 20
Topic: Conventions of Travel writing
Selections from Adams, Travel Literature Through the Ages (New York: Garland Publishing:1988)
(Chardin, James Cook, Alexis de Tocqueville, Henry James)

Week 5: Week beginning August 27
Topic: The captive as traveler Equiano's Travels
Equiano's Travels

Week 6: Week beginning September 3

Week 7: Week beginning September 10
Topic: Americans in Europe
Mark Twain, Innocents Abroad

Week 8: Week beginning September 17
Topic: Imperial encounters
Selections from Isabella Bird, The Golden Chersonese (Letters VI, VII. VIII. IX)
From Richard Burton, First Footsteps in East Africa. ("Departure from Aden") Edited with an introduction and additional chapters by Gordon Waterfield (London : Routledge & Paul, 1966)

Week 9: Week beginning September 24
Topic: Travels in Greece
The Colossus of Maroussi

Week 10: Week beginning October 1
Topic: The spiritual journey
The Colossus of Maroussi

Week 11: Week beginning October 8
Topic: Travel Tourism and postcoloniality
Paul Theroux, The Old Patagonian Express
"After the Empire" in Tourists with Typewriters (Holland and Huggan (ed), 1998)

Week 12: Week beginning October 15
Topic: Women Travellers
Selections form Mary Morris, Nothing to Declare
Mary Morris, "Women and Journeys" in Temperemental Journeys (Athens. London: Univ of Georgia Press: 1992)
"Gender and other troubles" in Tourists with Typewriters (Holland and Huggan (ed), 1998)

Week 13: Week beginning October 22
Topic: Counter discourses of Travel
, A Small Place

Week 14: Week beginning October 29
Topic: Post modern Itineraries
"Post modern Itineraries" in Holland and Huggan (ed) 1998
Baudrillard, America

Open book in -class essay
Date 24 September (during the lecture hour )
Duration 2hours
Question will be given in class

Term paper
From the first Christian pilgrimages to contemporary mass tourism, travel paradigms and traveler models have evolved continuously. How have travel literatures through the ages reflected this evolution? Illustrate your answer by drawing examples from the various excerpts and texts studied in this course.
You will find the following references helpful:
" Lecture notes on the Cultural History of Travel
" Recommended essays from Temperamental Journeys.
" Percy Adams, Travel Literature and the Evolution of the Novel. (Chapter 2)
" Percy Adams, Travel Literature Through the Ages. (for excerpts from travel narratives)
" Holland and Huggan (ed), Tourists with Typewriters ( Chapter 4)

Please limit your essay to 1250 words
Marks will be given for
a) Content and structure
b) Precision and language
c) Presentation ( footnotes, references, bibliography)

Essays should be handed in by 26 October 2001
Kindly respect the deadline given.
Electronic submissions will not be accepted
Late submissions will be penalized.


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