• The Medicine Leaf Man
  • To make legs for the leaf man, glue the small leaves first on the craft stick.
  • Leaf Man (or turkey????)
  • Mrs. Barnes reads Leaf Man

Leaf Man


Book: Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
2 maple leaves
2 long leaves (optional)
Jumbo craft stick
Clothes pin with springs
Wiggly eyes
Small rock or black pom-pom

NOTE: You can either use dried and pressed leaves or use fresh leaves and let children observe how the leaf man changes its shape as the leaves are drying.


Story Time: Leaf Man | KidsSoup

1st grade Art: This week we will play with “cookie cutters” to design a scene from our imagination. We will read the book, ART DOG to get us inspired! Here is an example of the Leaf Man from last week. They turned out really nice and the students seemed to love glueing the leaves to the paper and then adding details.