• from the Katie Woo Book Club Kit
  • My daughter gets Katie Woo books out of the library a lot. We love them!
  • My daughter just read her first Katie Woo tonight (Celebrates). She loved it!
  • I’d like to win this for my daughter, she likes to read katie woo books!

Katie Woo Rules the School


It’s hard for Katie Woo to choose her favorite holiday. Valentine’s Day means cards and candy. The Fourth of July means fun and fireworks. She loves dressing up for Halloween, and Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends. 4 books in one! Katie Woo Celebrates includes No Valentines for Katie, Red, White, and Blue, and Katie Woo!, Boo, Katie Woo!, and Katie Saves Thanksgiving

Katie Woo loves playing with her friends JoJo and Pedro. They do everything together, from losing teeth to looking for ghosts. Even when they argue, they always make up in the end. After all, there's nothing like a good friend. 4 books in one! Katie Woo and Friends includes Boss of the World, The Tricky Tooth, Goodbye to Goldie, and Katie Goes Camping


Katie Woo Has the Flu | Staples®

Katie Woo is always willing to try new things. This on-the-go schoolgirl jumps at every opportunity, whether it's joining the Super Scouts and making new friends or deciding what gift is just right for Mother's Day. Katie has tons of fun and learns lots all along the way!