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I feel privileged that I visited this house and it was quite by accident ,i work for Thames Water and was attending to investigate a leak in the courtyard. Sir Richard MacCormac , who was the owner invited me in a showed me around , and explained how he met Jocasta Innes , and how she reclaimed the building and imposed her style on it. I had heard of Jocasta Innes but didn’t know what she was known for. The house I hope will be preserved for posterity,
steve Jackson.

Jocasta Innes died at home in Spitalfields over the weekend and today I am republishing my profile as a tribute to a talented woman who enriched so many people’s lives through her creative thinking.


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" Jocasta Innes, the world's leading decorating writer, presents her creative paint-effects for the first time in video form. Puts designer style within reach and pocket of every home decorator...Practical easy-to-follow techniques....A host of new ideas for transforming your home...."