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  • Joan of Arcadia is about teenager Joan Girardi (played by ), who sees and speaks with .
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Joan of Arcadia - The First Season


While Joan of Arcadia was one of the highest rated new shows of the 2003-2004 TV season, its ratings declined in the second season, in spite of continued critical acclaim. The show was cancelled by on May 18, 2005. Fan campaigns were created in response, in an effort to have the show reinstated. Only two episodes "No Future" and "The Rise and Fall of Joan Girardi" from the second season were repeated by CBS, and remaining reruns were pulled from the schedule. Near the end of the second season, a menacing character was introduced to the series, an amoral "tempter", seemingly destined to cause a significant amount of conflict in the show's characters. The show's cancellation left that premise unexplored. took over the show's Friday time slot in September 2005.

Joan of Arcadia is an American / telling the story of a teenage girl who communicates with God and performs tasks she is given. The series originally aired on Fridays, 8-9 p.m. on from September 26, 2003 until April 22, 2005.


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Asking the questions, struggling with the "why?" and the "what did I do to deserve this?" isn't bad in itself, but one shouldn't become obsessed by the search for answers, especially where none exist. We need to be willing to live with the questions. There are 288 question marks in the book of Job as Job and his friends wrestle with the issue of "why bad things happen to good people." God deals with their questions by asking questions of His own: 78 of those 288 questions are His. Joan of Arcadia seems to know this. It asks all the right questions and doesn't answer them. The characters grow by wrestling with the questions not by discovering answers.