• The Jedi Knight's starting planet is .
  • Jedi Knight, also known as Jedi Bob, is a  Jedi Knight  from the  . He was first introduced in .
  • This Jedi Knight possessed a brown , brown , and a green  with silver hilt.
  • The Jedi Knight is a   from the  franchise. He first appeared in the set .

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While stranded on Tatooine, the two Jedi discovered a young slave named , whom Jinn believed to be the . While betting on the boy winning the , Jinn was able to secure both Skywalker's freedom and the needed parts to repair the to reach Coruscant. It was after this that Jinn was by , apprentice to Darth Sidious, who had dispatched Maul to kill the Jedi. As the Sith had been believed by the Jedi to be extinct, Jinn was at first unsure of who Maul was except that he had been trained in lightsaber combat. Arriving at the Jedi Temple on the Coruscant, the Council refused to accept Skywalker for being too old according to the Code, and sent Jinn and Kenobi to keep protecting Queen Amidala on her return to . At the same time, Amidala called for a in Chancellor Valorum, which would eventually end in the election of Palpatine to the chancellorship. Jinn and Kenobi then assisted Amidala and her forces during the ensuing against the Trade Federation, when Maul killed Jinn in , only for the Sith to be defeated by Kenobi. Given the status of Jedi Knight afterwards, Kenobi took Skywalker as his apprentice, despite Yoda's reluctance, and the Jedi Order was left in the dark as to what the Sith's actions were for ten years.

Upon completing their training and successfully passing the , a Padawan was granted the status of a full-fledged . They would then undertake missions for the Republic while others, in turn, would take up the responsibility of training new Padawans. Those Knights who showed themselves to be knowledgeable and strong in the ways of the Force would be elevated to the rank of . Jedi Masters were held in high esteem for their knowledge, experience and abilities to train Padawans and guide younger Jedi Knights. From the Jedi Masters, twelve would be selected to sit on the , the governing body of the Jedi Order. Among the Council, one would hold the title of based on their experience and knowledge, and alongside the , would lead the Order.


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The galaxy has been plagued by war for decades, and despite the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi have no delusions about the constant danger. Though traditional Jedi robes range from light cloth to thick leathers, many Jedi Knights also wear parts or entire suits of heavy armor when going into battle.