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  • Jeanne Crain, Gale Robbins, Mary Anderson, June Haver, and Trudy Marshall, 1940s
  • Jeanne Crain photographed by Milton Greene, 1954
  • Jeanne Crain photographed by Peter Stackpole in the film Margie (1946) ()

Vintage Photo of Jeanne Craine (AAN-895)

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Jeanne Crain went to the same High School that I
did. Her Father was head if the English dept. She
was an exceptionally beautiful girl. She was in my art class. I liked to look at her and wonder
how anyone could be so beautiful. She had such
lovely hair and eyes. She was the sweet girl that every one is saying.I think she married a doctor and had some children. Does any
one know anymore info. on her, I’d like to know
about her life.

I have been a fan of Jeanne Crain since I was a child and am now 66. I saw her in person at the State Theater in Jersey City, NJ. I even sent a pair of booties when she had her first child. My prayers are for her and she will be remembered.


Jeanne Crain - Biography - IMDb

I am writing a book which is in the forties. My female character is a lot like Jeanne Crain. I’m very proud of that and think of her as I write.
I would love to do a book on her. I would love to speak to one of her kids about her.
There are no others like her! If any of the Brinkman children read this and want too contact me please do. The honour would be mine.