• 2. Integration of Japanese Dictionaries
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  • Collins Japanese Gem Dictionary offers learners extensive and up-to-date coverage of Japanese and English in a compact, portable format.
  • This is a free classical Japanese dictionary for Android powered by Weblio. Requires an internet connection.

Copilaros Dictionar Japonez-Roman (Kizuna Books) (Japanese Edition)

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This dictionary includes the latest versions of Kenkyusha's Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionaries, with accurate results and an abundance of natural example sentences. Its major drawback is that while the interface and searching capabilities are advanced, it has no handwriting recognition. Compared with other JE/EJ paid dictionaries on the market, this is the highest quality. Free JE/EJ dictionaries generally do not compare. Paid.

The iPad and iPhone come with free built-in Japanese dictionaries, including J-J, J-E, and E-J. To install them, highlight a word and choose "define" from the pop-up menu. Then go to "Manage" and press the cloud icon next to the Japanese dictionaries. Wait for them to download and install. These dictionaries include a full version of Daijirin, although it does not have the jump or handwriting functions that the paid app does. With these dictionaries installed, you can define words in Japanese and English from the "define" function when you highlight a word in Japanese on your Apple device.


imiwa? (Japanese dictionary) on the App Store

This is a Chinese-Japanese dictionary, focused on reading kanbun, that includes handwriting recognition, usage examples, and examples from the Analects and Shi Ji. It also provides the stroke count and order for various kanji. It includes 14,629 kanji and around 50,000 jukugo. Paid.