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  • James STACY a joué dans la série ou le téléfilm :
  • Diana Muldaur with James Stacy in Ordeal  (1974)

Winter a Go-Go

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I thank God everyday for James Stacy. I know several good actors who are now just in videos or reruns in the television. James Stacy was and still is loved for his wonderful personality, caring, and honest overall character. We miss him so much and would love to see him in a show again. He is still remembered for his role as Johnny Madrid Lancer.

I always thought that James Stacy was the most handsome guy in the world. I loved Lancer. I wondering if there is ever going to be any e=reruns of Lancer. They have all the other old westerns why not Lancer. Can any one tell me where to buy both seasons of Lancer?


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James Stacy was facing a mandatory minimum of 5 years in Federal Prison with the possibility of life. Shortly before his trial was supposed to begin in November of last year, the US Attorney's office made an offer which included three years probation and no jail time, if Stacy pled guilty to 1 count of manufacturing marijuana. Probation recommended that Stacy be incarcerated for 13 months as well as go to drug rehab. Both the Judge and US Attorney disagreed with the report and stated multiple times how Mr. Stacy was in clear and unambiguous compliance with state law, and that no jail time was warranted and reduced the original 3 year probation recommendation to 2 years. The US Attorney's office agreed and Mr. Stacy walked out of that courtroom today not in custody and to a hallway filled with his supporters and friends.