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  • James Horrox is a British-born editor based in Los Angeles, California
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A Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement


James Horrox is the author of , forthcoming in 2008 from AK Press. He is a regular contributor to numerous independent publications and is currently working on his postgraduate research at Manchester Metropolitan University.

"The defining influence of anarchist currents in the early kibbutz movement has been one of official Zionist historiography's best-kept secrets...It is against this background of induced collective amnesia that A Living Revolution makes its vital contribution. James Horrox has drawn on archival research, interviews and political analysis to thread together the story of a period all but gone from living memory, presenting it for the first time to an English-reading audience. These pages bring to life the most radical and passionate voices that shaped the second and third waves of Jewish immigration to Palestine, and also encounter those contemporary projects working to revive the spirit of the kibbutz as it was intended to be, despite, and because of, their predecessors' fate." —Uri Gordon, from the foreword


James Horrox has drawn on archival research, ..

It would be hard to overstate the importance of James Horrox's slim 2009 volume A Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement. Given the centrality of Israel's role in the geopolitical landscape, as well as its obvious imbrications within the larger workings of the American military-industrial complex, any text that cogently highlights an alternative narrative at the heart of Israel's national ethos merits our critical attention. The fact that Horrox is able to accomplish this aim so spectacularly and vividly in so brief a treatment is testament not only to his evident mastery of the subject matter, but also to the indomitable spirit of anarchism—and in particular Jewish anarchism—he chronicles.