• Jade West
  • Jade West (born July 26, 1995, age 17) is a main character in . She was played by Elizabeth Gillies.
  • Jade West
  • Jade West

Pawn: Volume One

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is according to . She also seems to have very subtle ways of revenge. She said in her profile video that if someone makes her seriously angry "..I won´t get in a fight with you, but I retaliate in a way they'll make you sad for a LOOONG time." In "," a girl who accidentally threw a cup of water at her begged her: "Please don´t destroy me socially!" This implies Jade is rather high on the social hierarchy of . She has a macabre sense of humor as well as somewhat sadistic tendencies. It shows when she says things like blood is "cool" and it's "really funny" when a monster in a movie rips out a girls eyes. In "," Jade claims she doesn't sweat. She sweats for the first time ever when they are all stuck in Beck´s RV with temperatures of 110 degrees and starts to cry afterward. It is assumed she hasn't sweat since this. In "", it is shown she has a collection of butterflies and several things in jars in her room. One may be the lump of fat she got from a doctor in "", it came from a cab drivers back. In "" she makes Tori feel awkward whenever Daniel and Cat are around acting lovey-dovey. She may have been trying to show Tori how she felt in the when Tori kissed Beck. Jade is an extremely talented singer which was made apparent in the episode "" when she sang a duet with Cat in a karaoke contest. Although Jade has a dark personality, she doesn't like being thought of as "scary" or "freaky" as shown in and . Jade West is beautiful,smart and funny in all the episodes from Beck experience when they dated.

Jade West is one of the main characters in the TV series Victorious. She appears to be very goth-like. She has a very aggressive attitude and was possessive of her ex-boyfriend, Beck Oliver and gets jealous easily. This attitude may have a connection to her father as Tori described him as cold and judgemental in Wok Star. She has a fetish for scissors and other weird things such as a lump of fat (Rex Dies), monkey fur (Freak the Freak Out) and blood (Tori Gets Stuck/Freak the Freak Out). She is an actress, scriptwriter, and singer. Her best friend is Cat Valentine although she is not mean towards Andre Harris. She is portrayed by .


Dirty Bad Wrong was Jade West's debut erotica novel

Jade West is one of the main characters in the TV series . Although she plays the rival figure/antagonist to the shows main character, Tori Vega, she still seems to hang out with her and her friends. Jade is deep, dark, rebelliou and down-to-earth, which is shown in her additude and clothing. She first appeared in "Pilot", being harsh to Tori because of her rubbing coffee off of her boyfriend's, Beck, shirt. In ways of revenge, she pours coffee on Tori in front of the whole class, humilliating her. Tori gets her revenge back on her by kissing her boyfriend during Alphabet Inprov, thus angering Jade. Through out Season One and Two she has been cruel and harsh to Tori, but their friendship seen to blossom in Season 3, when Jade decides to give up her performance at The Platinum Music Awards, for Tori. Jade is described mean, impulsive, sarcastic, jealous, sadistic, revengful, and devious through out the series. She has a wierd thing for blood, scissors, a lump of fat, pain and monkey fur. She is also a very talented singer prooving it in "Freak The Freak Out" and is good with writing scripts for plays or short films.