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  • Jack Albertson is one of three actors to win an Emmy;( CHICO AND THE MAN), a Tony, and a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, as noted above.
  • Soon after, Jack Albertson had a guest starring role in the  pilot, which his  producers worked on. I often wonder if he said anything to them.
  • Jack Albertson (June 16, 1907 - November 25, 1981), the brother of actress , appeared in one episode of .

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has entered the annals of television history as a series where what went on offscreen was often more interesting than its onscreen presence. One of the first original series produced after , it ran from 1971 through 1972. I initially began putting this web page together in 2008 and finally brought it to fruition in 2014. And by posting it I'm probably tempting being haunted by the ghost of Jack Albertson, who...ah, but read on.

On stage from his teens (as part of the "Dancing Verselle Sisters" troupe), Jack Albertson worked in almost any form of live entertainment you could name: vaudeville, burlesque, legitimate stage, even opera. For two years he was straight man to comedian Phil Silvers on the Minsky's Burlesque Circuit, carrying over this partnership in Silvers' hit…


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Jack Albertson's role as Manny Rosen in the box-office smash disaster flick in 1972 was much kinder to him, and he was then to achieve television immortality as Ed Brown, "the Man," in Freddie Prinze's star vehicle, . Sam Groom soldiered on as Locke in for a couple of more years, then went on to do an interesting science fiction pilot called and a short-lived SF series called , TV guest appearances, and another stint on TV soaps. He now teachs acting. Len Birman continued in character roles and Nuala Fitzgerald had some small success in horror film appearances.