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  • Chapter 2: Drawing the Color Line. A black American writer, J. Saunders Redding, describes the arrival of a ship in North America in the year 1619:
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  • Drawing the Color Line

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When evaluating artwork, a lot can be learned from the choice of colors. Different colors display different meanings and emotions. For instance, different shades of blue can mean that one is calm and at peace with their self. On the contrary, if blacks and reds are used it can display evil or anger. It is important that on takes into account the colors that they use in order to discover more about their emotions when participating in art therapy. What makes this difficult is that there are different meanings for different colors. That is why the skill of interpreting colors takes practice. A resource that is very helpful, however not necessary, is the book, . This book educates more in depth about the meanings of colors. Another resource that could be helpful to anyone is this chart:

is an on-line tool that helps you to create color schemes based on images found on the web, which you can then re-use in your own creations.
It is essentially a color extractor. Using the internet address of a photo or image, the application works to extract its data by successively displaying the relevant color palettes, hexadecimal codes, rgb codes, with the option to download color samples as Adobe swatch files (.ASE).
The tool also allows you to move the boxes containing the resultant colors around to arrange them as necessary.


Wheel of Color: Pump up the Contrast, Robert Hess, MSDN

It is important to note that you might find these color groups called different things in different books—but if you understand the basic principles, they will all make sense to you.