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I am not Jackson Pollock. I should say I am not Jackson Pollock, the famous artist, when he walked into the Cedar Tavern and there was a girl sitting in a booth at the back of the bar and he wanted to go to her. So he did. I should say he to go to her, but he was feeling a thing he called nervousness, a feeling in his body that he didn't like, so he stopped at the bar for a drink, a whiskey. After the whiskey he was still feeling the nervousness, so he had another drink. But the feeling wasn't going away; in fact it was becoming more intense and distracting and when he tried to control it, by holding it in or down, his body would rebel against him, or against itself, and all he knew to do was have another drink, a whiskey, and a beer to go with that, and a whiskey to go with that, and a beer to go with that ...


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