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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Thus, with Mark Twain, humor is not an act of distancing from the absurdities of life, nor it is pure chuckling over the ridiculous in others. It entails value judgments. Twain's humor surges up from the depths of desire and can be described through the paradox tragic laughter. It is inseparable from the serious. Almost all incidents after chartering through comic details, quietly step into the areas that rightly belong to tragedy. The weapons of Twain's humor are ironic, paradox and juxtapositions of contrarieties with which he attacks to the superstructure of social context. For example pap's brutal behave is also humorous in ironic form relating to the social real situation of such people. The sort of humor is in the form of ironic way behind social status of related groups or so called civilized people is attracted. In this way to know about Mark Twain’s humor in Huckleberry Finn we should show our attention to the chronological development of plot.

He doesn't single out an individual in order to ridicule him or insult him. Mark Twain's humor in Huckleberry Finn verges more and more on tragic. For example the scene of shooting of Boggs by colonel Shorburn is in no way funny.


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