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Beware Poison!: A Horse-Owner's Guide to Harmful and Indigestible Plants (Cadmos Horse Guides)


Horsetail, also called mare's tail and scouring rush, poisons the horse ina similar fashion as bracken fern. All varieties of Horsetail arepoisonous and they are often found near bogs and streams. The onlyreported difference in symptoms from bracken fern poisoning is that withHorsetail the animal may become quiet, unresponsive or comatose prior todeath.

Horse nettle poisoning: Horse nettle is a herbaceous plant which has prickles and bears yellow berries. The berries contain solanin alkaloids which can cause symptoms if eaten in large quantities. It is often found growing in the wild in many parts of the world. Death is considered possible if large amounts are eaten, especially in children. More detailed information about the ,, and of Horse nettle poisoning is available below.


Poisoning of Horses by Plants - Ontario