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The Hero of Ages: Book Three of Mistborn


Although, throughout most of the Trilogy, Vin is thought to be the Hero of Ages, it is revealed that it is the . At the revelation of this, much of the prophesied descriptions of the Hero of Ages become clear, as many did not meet Vin's character. Below is a list of statements about the hero, and how they fit Sazed.

In the prophecy, the term "Hero of Ages" uses the male noun (Hero), yet uses a gender neutral pronoun. This means that the Hero of Ages could be a man or woman, or neither.


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Thank you, Master Sanderson, for what was a wonderful, unique, and thoroughly fulfilling story, with an excellent and well thought-out ending. Some stories are great, but don't often end well, this story was great to the very very last. I cannot recommend this trilogy highly enough -- an absolute must experience story. Listen to it, read it, or have someone read it to you, but you will not regret coming to know The Crew.

And thank you, too, for picking up the Light of Tar Valon and completing Master Jordan's epic tail; he would be most proud, I believe. You have become, in both your own right, and in helping complete the final tale of another master, a true hero of ages...