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Heavily Modified Water Bodies: Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe (International and European Environmental Policy Series)

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When the film opens best pals Samantha Blair (Cynthia Dale), KC (Patricia Idlette) and Patty (Pam Henry) are working soulless office jobs and dreaming of the day when they can realize their real dream: to open a mega-jazzercize complex where Samantha will teach. When they locate an industrial warehouse in a remote part of town, their new careers are launched as owners of Heavenly Bodies.

The women quickly find an eager audience for pretty single mom Samantha's high-energy classes, but complications to their perfect plan naturally ensue. When Samantha lands a job as an aerobics instructor on the local morning TV show, she enters a bitter rivalry with calculating blonde Debbie (Laura Henry) an aerobic instructor at Samantha's competitor health club, the Sporting Life. Anxious to get even with Samantha for winning the TV spot, the jealous Debbie sics her own boyfriend, Sporting Life guru Jack Pearson (Walter George Alton) on Samantha. Jack first attempts to seduce Samantha. When that plan fails Debbie hatches a plan to buy Samantha's exercise studio out from under her. In a hare brained effort to keep the club open, Samantha proposes the Eighties version of a Depression-era dance marathon. In a televised exercise "dance-off" with the Sporting Life crew, Samantha vows to keep Heavenly Bodies open, if only her team can out-dancercize their opponents.


Earl Thomas Conley "Heavenly Bodies" - YouTube

"Heavenly Bodies" is a series of monochromatic images revealing an imagined intersection of inner and outer spaces. At once cryptic and obvious, the images of bodily and stellar landscapes map the intimate relationship of the personal to the archetypal. Close-up images of freckled skin meld with satellite images of distant stars and galaxies to expose the beautiful and mysterious connection between macrocosm and microcosm. Part of a larger series unveiling the relations between the intimate, the diagrammatic and elemental, "Heavenly Bodies" is a place where corporeal imperfections including freckles, scars and wrinkles, hint at a luminescent and transcendent beauty underneath the skin.