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Halal Food Production


Chapter Six Analysis of Halal Food Production, Supply, Sales and Market Status 2010-2015
6.1 Capacity Production Sales Revenue of Halal Food 2010-2015
6.2 Production Sales Market Share Analysis of Halal Food 2014-2015
6.3 Import, Export and Consumption of Halal Food 2010-2015
6.4 Supply, Consumption and Shortage of Halal Food 2010-2015
6.5 Import, Export and Consumption of Halal Food 2010-2015
6.6 Cost, Price, Revenue and Gross Margin of Halal Food 2010-2015

Chapter Four Production Analysis of Halal Food by Regions, Technology, and Applications
4.1 Europe Production of Halal Food by Regions (Key Provinces) 2010-2015
4.2 Europe Production of Halal Food by Product Types 2010-2015
4.3 Europe Sales of Halal Food by Applications 2010-2015
4.4 Price Analysis of Europe Halal Food Key Manufacturers in 2015
4.5 Europe Capacity, Production, Import, Export, Sales, Price, Cost and Revenue of Halal Food 2010-2015


Pak-ASEAN Workshop on Halal Food Production ..

Strong commitment by everyone is the key to successful control of the Halal food production. Certification bodies have to educate the industry on Halal requirements and should provide consultancy services on preparation of food, the ingredients, on slaughter techniques and training programmes and actively promote Halal food production.

We hope the caterers, suppliers, manufacturers and the industry player will commit to understand the Halal certification programmes, Halal guidelines and all its procedures.