• Guillaume Dufay
Guillaume Dufay et Gilles Binchois à la cour de Bourgogne devant un clavicytherium


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  • • Massimo Mila: “Guillaume Dufay”, Turin: Giappichelli, 1972–73. 2 vol.
  • • Free scores by Guillaume Dufay at the InternationalMusic Score Library Project

Guillaume Du Fay: Motets, Hymns, Chansons, Sanctus Papale


[LPx2, stereo]
Guillaume Dufay "1400-1474" Und seine Zeit - And his times - Et sonépoque
Syntagma Musicum of Amsterdam - Kees Otten, dir.

[LP, mono]
Guillaume Dufay: Missa "Ecce ancilla Domini" - Missa "Ave Reginacaelorum"
Prague Madrigal Singers - Miroslav Venhoda, dir.


Guillaume Dufay - A discography - Medieval

From the evidence of his will, Guillaume Dufay was probably born in Beersel, in the vicinity of Brussels. He was the illegitimate child of an unknown priest and a woman named Marie Du Fayt. Marie moved with her son to Cambrai early in his life, staying with a relative who was a canon of the cathedral there. Soon Dufay's musical gifts were noticed by the cathedral authorities, who evidently gave him a thorough training in music; he studied with Rogier de Hesdin during the summer of 1409, and he was listed as a choirboy in the cathedral from 1409 to 1412. During those years he studied with Nicolas Malin, and the authorities must have been impressed with the boy's gifts because they gave him his own copy of Villedieu's Doctrinale in 1411, a highly unusual event for one so young. In June 1414, at the age of only 16, he had already been given a benefice as chaplain at St. Gery, immediately adjacent to Cambrai. Later that year he probably went to the Council of Konstanz, staying possibly until 1418, at which time he returned to Cambrai.