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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything


In my last three posts I’ve shown that Christopher Hitchens, in his book god is not Great, makes fifteen errors in his discussion of the New Testament and related scholarship. As I explained, this undermines my confidence in him as a reliable witness in other matters, those where I lack academic expertise. When Hitchens purports to lay out the facts of Western history, or Islam, or Judaism, or . . . is he generally accurate? I can’t be sure.

So far I’ve shown nine errors made by Christopher Hitchens in his treatment of the New Testament in god is not Great. Today I’ll add six additional errors.


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Hitchens found atheism young. God is Not Great startswith a nine-year-old Hitchens fuming at his scripture teacher MrsJean Watts for telling him that God "has made all the trees andgrass to be green, which is exactly the colour that is most restfulto our eyes. Imagine if instead, the vegetation was all purple, ororange, how awful that would be."