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Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Awards


Occasionally, here at Go Fug Yourself, we like to recognize the Formerly Fugly who have cleaned up their acts. And you know whose act is totally sparkling these days? The former fugster and recipiant of a much needed and critically ballyhooed makeover, Nicole Richie.

What were some early challenges the blog faced?
Jessica: The biggest one, at first, was getting images. We started Go Fug Yourself before the big image houses had partnerships with bloggers. We weren't a fan blog and we had money, but we still had trouble getting licensed images from, like, Getty Images and obviously our website lives and dies on the visuals. We actually talked about the struggles of this to the in 2005, and having that article got us in contact with Getty and everything worked out great. But that was a big one for us, we had to figure out how to break out of a situation that wasn't easy. You're used to saying, "I will give you this money and you will give me this product" but that wasn't the case and it was really frustrating.


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Tribune: Good answers. How tricky was it to wring a book ["Go Fug Yourself Presents The Fug Awards"] out of ablog? So much of what you write for the blog is keyed to a particularmoment, and I wonder, too, if you felt pressure to be more "weighty"because this thing was actually going to exist in libraries, onshelves, on coffee tables, etc.