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  • summary for the book "Ginger Pye" by Eleanor Estes?
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Ginger Pye (Young Classic)


The book is about a puppy named Ginger. Jerry Pye, a little boy (Age 10) resident in Cranbury, Connecticut in 1924, who bought a puppy he wanted from Ms. Speedy for a hard-earned dollar he made while dusting the pews in the church for Sam Doody. Jerry was pleased with the puppy and headed home. On the way home, Jerry and his sister Rachel heard footsteps behind them. When they turned back, they did not see anything. Jerry decided that if anyone was following them, then that follower was after his dog. After a few days, Jerry remembered that he hadn't given his puppy a name! Rachel, Uncle Bennie, and him thought of a name but couldn't think of one. He asked his mom and his mom said Ginger because he looks like ginger and acts like ginger. So they called him, Ginger or Ginger Pye.

Ginger Pye is a book by Eleanor Estes, originally published in 1951. Ginger Pye won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature in 1952.


Ginger Pye - Sonlight Curriculum

Picture of me and my Ginger Pye from my sophomore year prom (2003.) My date was a kid who was new to our school. I suppose I said yes largely out of pity because he didn’t know anyone. He ended up being a rather creepy pyro; not exactly the greatest night of my life. But boy is my little Ginger Pye a cutie!