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Dark Lane Anthology: Volume One

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Decalcification Neuro - Muscular Spinal Alignment Longevity Now Program at the Tree of Life,
David Wolfe speaks about calcification in the body and how it affects aging.

Wolfe's reviews Dr. George Cromack's innovative technique to reach hard to get to places in the body and spine using the graston technique, and unique and advanced electro-diagnostic techniques in which you can actually monitor your improvement.

This treatment is now available at the Tree of Life under the Decalcification Neuro Muscular Spinal Alignment Longevity Now Program

This program is heavily influenced by the brilliant work of David Wolfe from his Longevity Now Program as well as the tremendous impact of Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and integrated with the overall advanced rejuvenation programs such as The 21-day and Program, 10, 17 and 24 day holistic rejuvenation/ detoxification programs.

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Born in 1955 in Durham George Cromack moved to Bolton in 2005. Geography was George Cromacks focus area at London South Bank University. George's dad Gilbert Cromack lives in Winchester. George has 3 sisters Christie, Carmela and Heidi. George has an auntie called Monica Cromack, who also lives in Bolton. George's favourite actress is Angie Harmon. George spends a fair amount of time at the Boathouse.