• Your side is in a forcing pass auction whenever:
  • Is forcing pass in this situation really "just bridge"?
  • We also play forcing pass in cue-bidding or keycard context with different rules.
  • Your side is in a forcing pass auction whenever:

Forcing Pass in Contract Bridge


I meant about the forcing pass thing. In USA it is still not that common to use 2N as a raise yet, though its creeping in, so I have no idea what most people do about that.

The fewer combined values we have, the more likely that our highest EV will come from passing. Its not unreasonable to draw the line at limit raise or better, I just personally don't believe its best - after all, just because we aren't playing forcing pass in a situation doesn't mean that we cannot double them effectively when they've stepped out, or compete correctly when its our deal.


(72) Constructive Bidding Tools: Forcing Passes

Forcing pass is on when we are in a game forcing auction, or...(whatever else). It is not enough that we have bid game, it also has to be clear that it is not preemptive action - ie, the auction 1H-4H, if they bid 4S, forcing pass is not on. Similarly, if we open 5D, and they bid 5H, then forcing pass is not on. If we have bid game in a competitive auction where it is not clear who's hand it is, then for forcing pass to be on we have to have made a slam try at some point, since our game bid may be a bit of a 2-way shot already.