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  • Baby's first Passover card
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My First Passover


5. What happened to the Egyptian firstborn on this night of thefirst Passover? Verses 12, 29. Had God promised not to kill--to "passover"--the Israelites' firstborn? Verse 13. Was it the lambs' bloodthey had struck on the side and upper doorposts of their houses thatsaved the firstborn from death? Same verse.

istorically, there has been disagreement regarding the chronology of events at the first Passover. Today, most of the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God believe that the Israelites slew the Passover lamb in Egypt after sunset on 14 . The common teaching is that they ate the Passover meal on the night of the 14th, and that the destroyer killed the Egyptian firstborn later that night about midnight. This article will show that the Israelites slew the Passover on the afternoon of 14 , and then ate the Passover meal on the night of 15 , a few hours before God sent the death angel to kill the Egyptian firstborn.


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The Passover meal was very naturally transformed into the Eucharist, the Lord’s Table. Thus, in the gospel accounts, we find the death of our Savior corresponding with the sacrifice of the Passover sacrificial lambs and the Passover meal (cf. Luke 22:1-23). Paul clearly identified the Lord Jesus as the Passover lamb: “For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed” (1 Cor. 5:7). One can see that the first Passover, along with each subsequent annual remembrance of Passover, was an event of great significance, one which was to be celebrated from that time on.