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Princess Albertina is a female genital body piercing, where a ring enters the urethra and exits through the top of the vagina. This is a relatively rare piercing, as placement is difficult and the potential for urinary tract infactions may be increased by this piercing. This piercing requires the bearer to have a large enough urethra for it to be viable. This piercing can be extremely sexually stimulating, as its presence stimulates the nerves of the urethra during intercourse or masturbatory activities.
Like many genital piercings this piercing heals quickly, if properly taken care of. It is an advanced piercing and many piercers may not be willing or able to perform it.

In this section, you can get an idea about the various types of genital piercings undertaken by females and can buy jewelry to suit any of these piercings. Among the numerous female genital piercings undertaken, the most common are Clitoris and Labia piercings. Female genital piercings are usually small and require small, delicate jewelry. We have a vast collection of dainty jewelry that you can wear in your genital piercing. Just click on your genital piercing type to view what kind of jewelry you can wear in your piercing.


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Thanks to the plentiful blood supply to the area, most female genital piercings heal well and quickly. It is however very important to monitor your female genital piercing for signs of infection as an infection in this area can easily spread or become more serious. The key to a healthy female genital piercing is the correct placement and jewellery as well as keeping the piercing cool, clean and dry.