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Like thousands of other people, one of my first actions every morning is to tear off the page on my Far Side Daily Calendar for a bracing dose of Gary Larson's inspired lunacy. Unlike hardly anyone else, my next action is to go check my Mac for email and to see if Remember? claims I have to do anything that day. Thanks to amaze!nc (should be pronounced with a fake Russian accent, as in Natasha's "Dat iss amazink, darlink."), I may soon be able to combine my morning chores by reading my daily dementia on the Mac. Amaze, Inc (the legal version) has just come out with The Far Side Computer Calendar, a program that combines Gary Larson's cartoons with an extremely capable calendar program. I've seen the Windows version, but the Macintosh version won't be out for about another week, so there may be some differences. I hope to do a comparison of calendar programs on the Mac soon, so I should be able to report on any differences then.

The Far Side Computer Calendar further enlivens your day with rndomanimations. Penguins float across the screen and a trio of grass-skirtedsavages bows down in union, perhaps paying you homage. Obviously, like anyproduct associated with The Far Side, this offbeat but useful calendarpromises to start conversations and provoke laughter.


Far Side Desk Calendar Picture July 6, 2007 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!