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The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins: Definitions and Origins of More Than 12,500 Words and Expressions (Facts on File Writer's Library)


Students from middle school through college have turned to Today's Science since 1992 to find authoritative yet accessible information on the latest developments in science. Today's Science bridges the gap between textbooks and what's happening in science now. Articles, written in language students can understand, are detailed yet concise, and include background information and useful Internet resources and search terms, as well as suggestions for further reading. Today's Science features overview articles linked to detailed news coverage, extensive use of illustrations, editorial cartoons, an embedded glossary, thorough linking to other Facts On File News Services databases, biographies of scientists, and curriculum materials targeting multiple grade levels, including correlations to National Science Education standards. It's a great way for teachers and librarians, as well as students, to keep up with the latest developments in science.

analyzes and explains hundreds of controversial topics, in a language and format that students can understand. Probing the kinds of sizzling public policy issues on which opinions are more plentiful than objective coverage and accurate information, Issues & Controversies offers balance, clarity, and an overview of pros and cons that are key to building critical thinking skills. The annual National High School Debate Topic is given feature coverage. Online features include a complete back file to 1995, weekly updating, interviews with experts, statistical overviews, maps, charts, photos, newspaper editorials, cartoons, primary documents, a full education Resource Center, and extensive linking to related information in the other Facts On File News Services databases.


Facts on Files| Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling

- Buzz Bands LA, March 8, 2012

Facts on File sound like a project David Byrne might've started in his garage in 1976, not such a bad thing for fans of angst-y post-punk or avant-garde pop... In sum, the album could be the soundtrack to this generation's uncertain future - or at least the dance party we throw to celebrate the present.